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Your Girlfriends

All the Your Girlfriends posts have been taken offline permanently, the forums and spoof database will remain online as usual.


The Spoof Database is BACK!

Update 2!

A working version of the Spoofdatabase is now available!  Sorry about the delay, I had to skip off to Spain for a few days!  Check it out using the link below, and please let me know if you find any bugs!

Spoof Database

I will be working on making it look better over the next few days!

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Bugs galore

The registration feature at our forums has now been fixed, so the captcha should show fine.  Please post a comment here if it is not working for you.



Spooph v2.2 (Final)

Spooph v2.2

Spooph v2.2

Spooph is a tools that can be used to send falsified http referal flags to a remote webserver, and in some instances trick a website into letting you go to pages that in other instances would require authorisation.

Spooph has been around for many years, and is now in a final version with no further updates planned.  Version 2.2 is the only widespread version with more than a million downloads to date. Read moreRead more


Welcome to the New SFB

It’s been a while since SFB went through any kind of a makeover, I think as long as 4 years now.  In light of recent site problems, I took the plunge and decided to overhaul the entire site, at the cost of many hours coding and banging my head into things.

Everythings not lost, but not everything has been retained.  I took the decision to remove some of the less popular items from the site, and to transfer only what was easy and used.  As a result of that we’ve currently lost the following items; The Babe Blog, the Gallery, and the Spoof Database.  Of these items I’m only thinking of restoring the spoof database, as it was well used (for searching) by many members.

Over the next few days some things might move around, and change slightly, but once the tweaking is done we’ll be in a nice stable place.

I hope you like the new site.